This is a blog about lipids.  The following articles are intended to be varied and so there is something for everyone.  So, if you are a scientist who wants to know about lipids, please read on, and especially if you are not a scientist, please read on.  If you are neither a scientist, nor a non-scientist, you can read on too.

Lipids are something of an emerging force in physical and life sciences research.  The last century has seen huge advances in our understanding of proteins and of DNA, but lipids have been less easy to pin down and so their importance is only now coming to light.

If you are unfamiliar with lipids, you may like to read an introduction to this area of interest.  You may also like to know why scientists like me want to study this at all.  For something about what lipids can do you can short cut by clicking here.  Articles cover aspects like applications in the home, in food and in medicine.  The biological and physical science behind lipids and what they do is also covered, as well as recent developments.  So, a variety of articles are published, some more science-based than others.

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The latest blog posts are marked in bold.


Article List – by date

01/04/2014 – Sending a Lipid to the Wall

01/03/2014 – Ceramides, Ceramics and the Continued Development of a Theory

01/02/2014 – How Would You Explain Lipids to Someone Who Had Never Heard of Them?

01/01/2014 – Death by lipid: An Un-newsworthy Demise

01/12/2013  -  Chemistry, Biology and Physics in a single molecule: the story of PIP2

01/11/2013  -  A Lipid Liar that Turns Boys into Girls: Bisphenol A

01/10/2013  -  Microcapsules of Energy: Oil Bodies

01/09/2013 – Product Investigation: Sanctuary Active Reverse Lipid Recovery Facial Oil

01/08/2013 – A Brain Like a Sieve

01/06/2013 – Oxidative Stress on the Brain

01/05/2013  -  Glycerides

01/04/2013  -  A Raft of Concern About HIV

01/03/2013 – Controlling Stress

01/02/2013 – Elfosine: A Lipid with Applications in Cancer

01/12/2012 – I’ve Forgotten Where I Left that Lipid…

01/11/2012 – Emulsions

01/10/2012 – How Many Parents Does it Take to Change a Lipid?

01/09/2012 – A Cellular Problem with Water Purity

01/07/2012 – Life-Giving Bubbles

01/06/2012 – Lipid Rafts and a Possible Cure for Cancer That Could Go Viral

01/05/2012 – Recycling Retinal

01/04/2012 – Growing on the Surfactant

01/03/2012 – Lipids have Gone Quantum Dotty

18/02/2012 – Fat is a Biological Issue

09/02/2012 – When Plants Get Hormonal – Jasmonic Acid

02/02/2012 – Lipids – Where Do I Go?

26/01/2012 – At the Mercy of Ganglioside

19/01/2012 – How Hot is Hot? A Burning Question About a Hot Condiment

12/01/2012 – Suet: A Protective Subject

07/01/2012 – Bending in Two Different Directions at Once

07/01/2012 – Olive Oil: A Great Swindle…That Wasn’t

22/12/2011 – Biological signalling

15/12/2011 – Lipidomics

09/12/2011 – Curvy Biology

02/12/2011 – A Long Name, a Long Lipid: Docosahexaenoic Acid

24/11/2011 – What Do Membranes Do?

19/11/2011 – Cholesterol – A Two-Faced Dark Horse?

11/11/2011 – Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

05/11/2011 – The Structure of a Membrane

25/10/2011 – Introduction

25/10/2011 – What is a Lipid?

25/10/2011 – Ransom™ Pure Lecithin – Product Review