First there was lethargy. Then there was wigguly. Then there was wigguly wogguly. Then there was wigguly wogguly wugguly. Now, there is just strugguly.

The bodily mechanics of the bipedal pregnant mammal are characterised by declining energy and shortening range. In other words, the bump gets in the way of the femur. This means that when the hip bends during walking, things get a bit squashed and uncomfortable, if not actually painful. This in turn, rather takes the shine off Christmas shopping and so our recent trip to Den Haag for the purpose was more circumspect than usual.

My first instinct as the fatherly and able-bodied party is to do something about it. One thought is to use a sedan chair. This could convey my beloved and our bump around Dutch metropolises with a stately elegance that befits the life to which she has become accustomed. Either that or it would embarrass her royally. A more realistic solution is to use a wheelchair, but as that involves a hip bend of ninety degrees for probably several hours, it is no improvement.

We could of course shop on-line. Currently, we are: I am sitting here, writing this, and Eva is searching through a webshop-only stock for the thing we went to Den Haag for in the first place.